Better Family Life Event: Argus STL news on the scene at the 7th annual Natural Hair Expo in St. Louis

The mission of The St. Louis Natural Hair & Black Culture Expo is to promote natural hair, healthy-living, and concepts of beauty for the African family.

Tabitha Keys

The 7th annual Natural Hair Expo CEO/Founder Chris Simpson, had a host of vendors/presenters last weekend. And Better Family Life’s Clay Hall was the host venue, on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

We came together as a community to support local black businesses within the St. Louis and East St. Louis area. The ambiance was warm and inviting. There was a sense of culture, love, kindness, peace, and togetherness. 

The mission of The St. Louis Natural Hair & Black Culture Expo is to promote natural hair, healthy-living, and concepts of beauty for the African family. The goal is to provide a platform for small community-based businesses to market and sell their products and services to consumers who are interested in healthy and fashionable natural hair, using the best natural hair products.

This community-based event featured more than twenty vendors:

Tabitha Keys
Tabitha Keys
Tabitha Keys
  1. Black Madonna JuJu (handmade jewelry)
  2. TT Shaderoom & Body Oil
  3. Kandeez Delite Hair & Beauty LLC
  4. Mika Brielle Natural Health & Wellness
  5. Twisted Angel Accessories
  6. D’ann Headwraps and Accessories
  7. DAI Clothing
  8. Fleur De Lis Development Corporation
  9. Raw Blend Custom T Shirts
  10. Majestic Mane
  11. Origin of Greatness
  12. Carla’s Closet
  13. Archwell Health
  14. Annointed Creations 
  15. Dom & Cri Candle Company 
  16. Healthy Hair Solutions
  17. London Sky Sweet Royality
  18. Original Gents
  19. Two Posh Chicks
  20. Mwaza Carol Art
  21. Champion Barber College
  22. Precious Rutlin Consulting

Majestic Mane is not just a product, it’s a lifestyle. You can now eliminate dry, brittle hair and the use of harsh chemicals with our all-natural formula engineered for all women by women of color. We use only the finest organic ingredients formulated to nourish the scalp and grow your hair while also retaining the length. Majestic Mane offers an innovative solution to dryness and an unhealthy scalp to allow your hair to grow and achieve its full potential. I purchased Whipped Hair Growth Butter and Hair Growth Serum. And as a show of appreciation, I was given a Starbucks gift card.

HEALTHY HAIR SOLUTIONS was established with a vision to bring to the customers the blend of the safest, most effective, research-based ingredients at an affordable price. Beautiful hair is HEALTHY HAIR and taking good care of your hair is the key to shiny, lustrous, healthy strands. Various external and internal factors make our hair dry, rough, limp and fragile. We have selected a line of products that provide deep nourishment and protection to hair without the use of harsh chemicals. I purchased Edge Control for all hair types and Freecia Tropical Coconut hair oil.  

The products ranged from the latest fall fashion trends to Goddess Waist Beads to match your unique style. Champion Barber College provided on-the-spot services such as haircuts, shaving, trimming, and shaping client’s beards and mustaches. Live performances, Networking, and community engagement.



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