Community awareness: IN LESS THAN 60 DAYS

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On November 29, 2022 the state of Missouri will murder Kevin Johnson, a young man who suffered lifelong trauma and who experienced as well as witnessed all manner of abuse, violence, and tragedy. At the age of 19 – after witnessing the sudden and tragic death of his beloved youngest brother earlier in the day and having endured a life of suffering – Kevin didn’t have the mental and emotional tools to process the grief and lashed out by killing a police officer, who he believed were culpable in the death of his 12 year old brother. Kevin is remorseful for his actions as a traumatized teen and has spent these last 17 years healing, maturing, and becoming a good father to his daughter, who recently made him a grandfather for the first time.

Kevin deserves every ounce of mercy, compassion, empathy, support, and recognition of his humanity. Please visit to view, read, download, and share the story of Kevin Johnson, his daughter Khorry, his brother BamBam, his other loving family members, and the Meacham Park community where he is from. We will also be planning community actions surrounding Kevin, please connect with me if you care to be involved.

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