Cure Violence Global’s Top 5 Accomplishments in 2022

And, 2022 has been our biggest, best, most productive, most ground-breaking year yet!

Pure Violence

For more than 25 years, Cure Violence Global has been a leader in making communities safer.  We pioneered an approach that has revolutionized how communities reduce violence. And we are helping communities across the globe to bring this approach to life. And, 2022 has been our biggest, best, most productive, most ground-breaking year yet!

First, the Cure Violence approach has massively expanded across the United States with nine new cities establishing new Cure Violence sites, including Memphis, Louisville, and Winston-Salem. Many current city partners, after seeing the results, have expanded their Cure Violence programs, such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington, DC.

Second, in 2022 there have been some big investments in the Cure Violence approach in Latin America. In Cali, Colombia, businesses and city leaders have funded a citywide approach, with more than 100 violence interrupters and 50 communities, and with Cure Violence Global delivering training to ensure success.

In Mexico, UNICEF is partnering with Cure Violence Global to expand the approach in Juarez and other areas. UNICEF is the largest, most impactful humanitarian organization in the world. We are proud to be a trusted partner. Our long and successful partnership with UNICEF Honduras has transformed the region, and our work together on reducing femicide is making a big difference.

Cure Violence Training

Demetreas Whatley conducts a training with CVG consultants.

Third, in 2022 Cure Violence Global has embarked on creating the next generation of violence prevention training. Cure Violence Global training is already the industry-leading training for violence interruption and reduction. Cure Violence Global will now be taking this training to the next level, so that violence interrupters, outreach workers, and supervisory staff can be more effective and more supported. This includes a new partnership with AAA-ICDR, train-the-trainer academy in New York, and a new training academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fourth, in 2022 Cure Violence Global unveiled its comprehensive data collection and monitoring system. We spent years fine-tuning this system with our network of partners, creating more than 250 metrics, and training teams of staff across the globe, to create a data system that not only enables cities to better manage sites, but also empowers sites to make adjustments and implement performance management and quality improvement activities in real time to maximize efficiency and impact.

And last, but certainly not least, Cure Violence Global hired a new Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fredrick Echols. Dr. Echols is an experienced leader and public health expert. He has spent his first six months working non-stop visiting sites across the US and Honduras, establishing key partnerships, and setting an organizational foundation that will position CVG to take Community Violence Intervention to the next level. Most importantly, he continues to ensure that Cure Violence Global and the organizations who strive to implement the Cure Violence approach do so within a truly community-centered framework, one that empowers communities to lead the way and adapt the approach to best meet their needs.

The past year was a time of incredible change and growth for the organization.  With demand for the approach the highest it has ever been, we expect the coming year to be filled with many new partnerships and communities.  It is what makes the work so meaningful, and we look forward to it.

Cure Violence Global gives a huge thank you to all our local partners, every violence interrupter, outreach worker, site supervisor and director who are the true heroes making communities safer every day. Your work is saving lives and making such a big difference.

And thank you to everyone who has supported our work.  You make this work possible. We could not do it without you.


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