Dr. Martin Luther King’s Missing Legacy: Woke Warrior Part 5-Finale

This is the finale of a 5-part series, by guest columnist Michael Green as he voices his opinion about keeping the legacy of Dr. MLK intact for generations to come.

In 1964, Dr. King implored an audience of 4,000 White attendees during speech in San Diego to remain awake and be attentive to the revolution taking place across America. Using the mythical story of Rumpelstiltskin, who famously slept much of his life away, MLK expressed his deep distress with a majority of White America that was sleepwalking and unable to hear the cries of constant protests of aggrieved peoples throughout the country. The tragedy MLK pointed to is ingrained in the inertia of ignorance, which requires injections of truth to disrupt the cycle passed down to each generation.

The work of Common Ground Conversations on Race in America (CGC) is to introduce truth, which wields the power of transformation. My wife and I energize audiences by informing, equipping and empowering them through paradigm-shifting knowledge and understanding, which leads to productive dialogue and actionable steps.

Over the past two years, CGC clientele has grown from churches, school districts and library systems to national nonprofits, municipal government and police departments. Through word of mouth, our clients have spread positive affirmation of their extraordinary experiences and introduced others who have done the same.

If your company, institution, organization or group is interested in a uniquely unforgettable experience for MLK Day or Black History Month, contact me today and schedule a booking. To learn more about CGC facilitation trainings, please visit commongroundconversations.com and fill out the request form


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