Driver’s safety: West side crash has left 3 cars banged up badly on Page Ave. in St. Louis

Yet further details are indeed sketchy at this time.

The Newsletter 05

From what I can tell at 3:34p.m., the car accident happened hours before I’d arrived upon the scene. As a result, the only thing that is left on Page Ave., are the damaged vehicles.

There were no victims with injuries or ambulances in attendance. So, the best I can say is it was a crime scene due to the large amount of tape and blocks being closed off.

Yes, further details are indeed sketchy at this time.

Photos by The Newsletter 05/Argus Staff

I was driving westbound toward the county but was intercepted by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police, due to the streets being taped off.

The accident occurred at the deadly corner of Page and Hamilton Ave., an intersection known for deadly crashes. In addition to today, I just reported on a crash recently involving a commercial truck and a Chevrolet Malibu-late model. Same area!

The reason why I say deadly, is because police chases occur on a regular coming up the hill going east from the county.Two, speeders racing up the hill going west toward the county and cars can’t see them.

Both occurrences cause fatal to critical crashing into unsuspected cars crossing Hamilton Ave., north or south.

I tried to get information from the officers in regards to any fatalities, due to the crime scene tape.But the cops were not talking.

If I get any new information I will update this post.In the meantime avoid Page Ave., at Hamilton Ave., on the city’s west side.

Please be advise of the location and intersection on the west side, heading west to the county and east toward downtown. It is a death trap for sure, even with the new enhanced light signals.

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