Durling Destinations of New Jersey praises their great times in St. Louis, and at our treasured Cardinals’ Busch Stadium

We like to always brag about those who come here and show that love on social media.

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The Central Division Cardinals didn’t get the opportunity to go all the way this year as the 3rd seed. However, they just so happened to be in good company, because Seed #1, Seed #2 respectively also got knocked out of the storied MLB play-off spectacles.

In addition to St. Louis having the best fans in all of baseball. We like to always brag about those who come here and show that love on social media.

I met a gentleman named Derek Durling, a huge Cardinals fan from New Jersey. Yes, you read me right when I typed New Jersey.

I am sure this man heard of all the hatred that our fair city gets. However, he took the time out of his life to come all the way here to enjoy his team in the playoffs.

His brand Durling Destinations even chronicled his efforts by showing You Tubers his experience and great time in St. Louis, MO. Check out his video below, but let’s see what he had to say.

Derek D:

I was born and raised in North Jersey, but a lifelong Cards fan. I loved the Whiteyball teams with Ozzie, McGee, and Coleman and been a fan ever since.

While it was fun to see, the tour was rushed due to it being the playoffs. At other times, the tour offers a walk thru of the locker room and some of the downstairs tunnels, postgame press area, etc. When Mike Shannon still called games he used to sit on a big red inflatable gym ball! I assume to alleviate back pain throughout a 3 hour game! It’s cool to see “behind the scenes” stuff.

Derek Durling

When I bought a home, I was finally able to display all my Cardinals memorabilia. I made a video of that here… https://youtu.be/fTmA4uF2960

Busch Stadium Tour by Durling Desstination:

I am hoping great things for our Redbirds in the future, and with fans like Derek, I want him to come back again and again.

Thanks to Durling Destination for sharing this great story with us.


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