Marie Franklin officially introduces the candidates running on her ticket, and calls out corruption

East St. Louis, IL (January 4, 2023) – East St. Louis Mayoral candidate, Marie Franklin, releases her first campaign commercial on Facebook and YouTube

Marie Franklin’s campaign

Franklin starts the commercial by introducing herself as a people’s champion, pointing to her work on local and statewide campaigns like the Pre-trial Fairness Act to end cash bail.

Franklin also calls out local corruption. “You shouldn’t have to move away or be connected to get what you need,” states Franklin in the commercial. She adds that “returning power to residents won’t be easy.” Both are subtle nods to the history of illegal voting tactics used by previous politicians, including opponent Charles Powell, III’s  father who spent time in prison for buying votes. Charles Powell, III also worked for the same committee that his father bought votes for.

“Our city has been run by the same corrupt families for generations,” says Franklin. “We need something and someone different.”

Franklin concludes the commercial by introducing her running mates. 

“We have a team of fresh faces who are not politicians, but community builders” says Franklin.

Her team includes:

Lorenzo A. Savage, Sr.; City Council candidate

Paris Grimmett; City Council candidate

Jennifer Chike; School Board District 189 candidate

Kianna Grimmett; School Board District 189 candidate 


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