Fashion Flair: An up and close talk on creative styles with Carmen Thomas of She’s Kouture Boutique

I enjoy shopping at BOUTIQUES because they usually sell STYLISH and HIGH-QUALITY CLOTHING!

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Let’s talk about FASHION. Fashion is unique to each individual and it can build personal relationships and connections with people across the Globe. I enjoy shopping at BOUTIQUES because they usually sell STYLISH and HIGH-QUALITY CLOTHING!

Why Shop Boutique

“When you think of the mall and shopping, you probably think of all of the basics–Forever 21, H&M, or PacSun. Your mind completely skips over the smaller local boutiques and shops. Yes, these bigger chains offer great prices and styles that everyone is wearing.

What is a boutique, you ask? Boutiques are small specialized retail stores. They range from selling children’s clothing to furniture to footwear. Boutiques have smaller inventories and are run by small business owners rather than large corporations. Here are three reasons why you should shop from boutiques!”

  • Unique and Quality Styles
  • Personal Relationships and Connections
  • Supporting Local and Small Business

I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen Thomas in 2021 through my sister Glennette. Carmen is the owner of “She’s Kouture Boutique” located at 4810 Parker Rd. Blackjack, MO 63033, website: SHESKOUTUREBOUTIQUE.COM. I met up with Carmen at her boutique a couple of weeks ago, and we both had fun modeling in her latest Fall 2022 Fashion, which includes:

  • Polyurethane (PU) skirts, jackets, pants, etc.
  • Boyfriend Blazer, White Blazer with Jean material, and Graffiti Box Blazer
  • Multicolored Dresses

Photos by Tabitha Keys

Afterward, we sat down for a non-formal interview:

What is your professional background, and why did you decide to open a women’s boutique?

My professional background is in cosmetology. I have been a hairstylist for over 30 years. I opened my first beauty salon in 1993.

I really did not plan on opening a woman’s boutique. During the Pandemic, I prayed, and I asked GOD to give me another business idea. I have ALWAYS been into fashion. Even as a child. I always loved to dress in my own unique style. 

In the meantime, my cousin asked me to help her start her boutique business (as I did), and I found myself enjoying what I was doing. That was my answer to my prayers. GOD even gave me the name for my boutique.

 What does the name “She’s Kouture” mean, and how did you come up with the name?

“She’s Kouture” was a God-given name – Couture means Fashionable clothing!   I decided to change the C to a K in Couture because I enjoy being different from others. 

What is unique about your boutique? What sets you apart from other boutiques and retail stores?

What is unique about She’s Kouture Boutique – ME! My Style! My Twist! And from My 

God-given gift. With a creative eye for fashion. What sets me apart from other boutiques and retail stores – is my style, the quality of the product that I carry in my boutique, listening to my clients, and I spend numerous hours searching for items that are to my clients’ taste.



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