Flood update: Residents in University, MO, an inner-ring community of St. Louis, are swimming out of flood waters

After torrential rain flooded out some of its 34,000 residents, it caused them to abandon most of their belongings on the sidewalk.

The Newsletter 05

University City one of St Louis’ largest suburbs and close community to the limits, was one of the hardest hit areas. After torrential rain flooded out some of its 34,000 residents, it caused them to abandon most of their belongings on the sidewalk.

Most of the items I noticed were some very nice furniture, bedding and household items. Items that have been an integral part of these people’s lives. University City is a place where diversity is noted with all races co-existing blocks for blocks.

University City also is one of the hottest neighborhoods that straddles St Louis’ west end. With palatial homes, shops, restaurants and architecture that stems from St Louis’ heydays.

As I got out the car to speak with some of residents at the 6700-6800 Block of Vernon Avenue. I met up with Gladys (she didn’t want her name used), I’d asked her what was going on?

She was a vibrant older Caucasian lady, who was just seen chatting with an African-American neighbor. She stated that she and her neighbors all along the block were setting out flood damaged furniture and other possessions that were no longer doable.

There is a creek that runs through University City from the city of St Louis, that feed off River Des Peres. So, she stated that she expected this was coming, and really there was nothing they could do but hope it had passed.

But, it didn’t so she and like others had to clean out their flood ravaged basement and lower floors of their homes. In addition, the homes are one story, yet they have basements.

So, unfortunately being on a low ground at Vernon Avenue, any flooding would be imminent. Gladys said she is hopeful, she can replace an old couch, dining table, chairs, what-nots and grand-kids toys.

But you can’t bring back life, this isn’t a soap opera. We shared a hearty laugh.

She even thanked me, and told another neighbor what I was doing and they thanked me for my concern.

I am going to pray for these people and hope that their flood insurance is available to be expedited quickly.

Here are some photos of damaged property shown along Vernon Avenue in University City.Prayers.

All photos courtesy of The Newsletter ’05


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