Gabe Gore Appointed New St. Louis Circuit Attorney| A Fresh Take On Justice

Governor Mike Parson has appointed Gabe Gore as the new St. Louis Circuit Attorney, marking the beginning of a fresh approach to justice in the city’s legal landscape.


In recent developments for the city of St. Louis, Governor Mike Parson has appointed Gabe Gore as the new circuit attorney, replacing the embattled former prosecutor Kim Gardner. Gore, a seasoned trial lawyer and member of the respected Dowd Bennett law firm, will be officially sworn in on May 29th, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter in the city’s legal landscape.

Gore’s selection comes after Gardner’s unexpected resignation, which caught many by surprise as it occurred several weeks before her anticipated departure. Among the 18 candidates vying for the appointment, Gore’s impressive qualifications and legal expertise stood out, making him the ideal choice for the role. 

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Gore’s journey to becoming St. Louis Circuit Attorney has been shaped by his dedication and commitment to the field of law. With a father who worked at Chrysler, his family relocated to St. Louis when he was 14 years old. Gore’s educational foundation was laid at Parkway South High School, where he undoubtedly honed his skills and set his sights on a legal career. Throughout his professional life, Gore has spent the past decade at the Dowd Bennett law firm, where he specialized in complex civil litigation. 

Interestingly, Gore’s appointment holds added significance due to the complex history between Dowd Bennett and Gardner. Their past clashes indicate that the transition from Gardner’s tenure to Gore’s leadership could potentially mark a shift in the dynamics between the circuit attorney’s office and the law firm.

As Gabe Gore prepares to assume his new responsibilities, St. Louis residents eagerly anticipate if this will be a  fresh approach to justice and a commitment to serving the community’s best interests. Eyes will be focused on Gore to see if he is poised to lead the city’s legal system with integrity, fairness, and a firm resolve to uphold the law in St. Louis.

Gore stated, “As I accept this appointment, my sole focus is to begin the process of building a circuit attorney’s office that is high performing and can provide the level of justice and public safety that the citizens of St. Louis deserve.”


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