Grace Chapel Ministries wants to get the information out to assist young people in their journey forward, after high school

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When young people finish high school, they begin their lifetime journey towards responsible adulthood. They should have acquired enough skills and learning to proceed with life while under the watchful and informative eyes of various teachers and coaches who have given them the tools that they need in order to function independently and make decisions for themselves based on their own self – interest.

However, because of the tremendous expansion of social media, the world, its various cultures, and all of its problems and differentiations which has become more available to them, it has made the process of venturing on in life, more problematic and difficult to stay properly focused.

When children finish high school, they have to begin to make decisions immediately, and presently these decisions are often made without much thought, help, or assistance to make the decision a success.

This is the most important time in a person’s life, therefore, there needs to be a careful transition mechanism available to these young people in order to maximize the potential for them becoming positive adults.

We encourage the school systems to allocate $100-$150 of their budget for each high school senior to assure that this occurs. Since the primary purpose of the public education system is to continually prepare our nation’s youth to successfully exist in this country, we should recognize the importance of this allocation.

In every urban community in our country, there exist organizations and individuals who are anxious and qualified to contract with the local school system to insure this transition.

Young people need adults to assist them along the way to make correct decisions and to access the resources that may be available, whether they be educational scholarships and opportunities, military involvement, employment, training, treatment programs, or affinity organizations for their fields of interest. There also must be those who are willing to help the young people who are undecided as well as those who choose early matrimony and family rearing.

In this manner, we can assure that the finances that have been spent getting the youth from kindergarten to this point accomplish that which is intended. 

Grace Chapel Ministries recognizes the significant importance of this concept, especially in the current age in which we live. For further information one may contact us at or email us at

There are fraternities, sororities, and other organized groups across the country, Masons, churches, youth groups like Big Brothers and Sisters, YMCA, YWCA , and individuals who are willing mentors to make sure that our young people become positive adults in our society.

It should be an easy thing for the school systems to do and what a significant impact it will have on those communities who decide to participate. In today’s world, we need creative solutions and we need them NOW!


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