Greetings from The Office of the 77th District!

MO State Rep Kimberly Ann-Collins posts March Newsletter with updates in the District.

Hello to my wonderful St. Louis Residents! I am also going to say hello to all of the folks who live outside of the St. Louis Region! It is awesome to see that there are people reading my weekly newsletters across the State! I recently checked the numbers and there is more than 31,000 emails subscribed to my newsletter list! I have been in awe by how many people are actually paying attention to my newsletters each week. I use to think people were tired of seeing me in their emails every week, but that hasn’t been the case! The numbers keep growing! So, THANK YOU for reading and sharing the information!  

It was a busy weekend and I never sat down to complete my newsletter, so that is why you are receiving it this morning! Better late than never! Last week was a good week. I had a bill hearing over House Joint Resolution 27 that I filed which proposes a constitutional amendment that property owners, 65 and older, shall not be subject to any increases personal property taxes used as a primary residence. The hearing went good and I am looking forward to getting it passed out of ways and means committee this week! I am now working with Rep. Sauls from Jackson County, as we will be merging our resolutions together. 

As we start a new week, may you stay positive and committed to your goals! I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

With Love

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