Life begins now, for KMOX Broadcaster Carol Daniel, who will retire soon after 28 years

After 40 years in broadcasting and 28 years at KMOX, the living legend is calling it quits, and retiring.

Courtesy of Carol Daniel

Carol Daniel will retire on May 25, 2023, the title has changed to reflect that.Editor.

After 28 years, why are you retiring? “I told Bob Costas this, You see the gas tank and the needle is on E. I’m on E.” Those were the words uttered by celebrity broadcaster and award-winning columnist Carol Daniel.

“Doing the news when Trump was in the office took a lot out of me and from having and surviving skin cancer and thyroid cancer and all of those things combined made me think, I’m gonna make a move and begin a new chapter in my life.”

Carol has received many awards and accolades over the years. In 2022, The St. Louis Media History Foundation inducted her into the Media Hall of Fame. Carol helped launch The Emmy Award-winning TV show “Great Day St. Louis.” Carol stated “I always wanted to be a television talk show host. I grew up watching Phil Donahue and Sally Jessy Raphael. There weren’t as many black women back then as there are now in Talk Show TV. So when I saw the job opening, I jumped on it. I worked part-time at KMOV. I was doing both television and radio at the same time for four years. I met so many great people. I got to interview President Jimmy Carter and Chuck Berry together.”

Courtesy of Carol Daniels

Carol is also a published author of the highly critically acclaimed book “All I Ever Wanted – Relationships, Marriage, Family.” which takes an inside look into her amazing life as she juggles one husband, two sons, two jobs, and sleep deprivation. Carol states “I want to help people aspire. I want people to look at me and understand this journey that I have been on. People heard me on the radio but didn’t know what it took for me to get there. That’s why I wrote the book”.

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