Mayor’s father rips St. Louis alderwoman for her bill targeting open carrying of guns

Welcome to social media, simply the best place to follow a blow-by-blow political beef between a St. Louis alderwoman and … the St. Louis mayor’s father?

On Monday, Alderwoman Cara Spencer took heat on Twitter for introducing a bill aimed at getting guns off city streets.

And her main detractor on social media was none other than Virvus Jones, former city comptroller and father of Mayor Tishaura O. Jones.

Spencer, D-8th Ward, recently proposed an ordinance that aims to give police a way to reduce the open carrying of firearms in the city.

Virvus Jones — St. Louis’ comptroller from 1989 until he pleaded guilty to felony fraud charges in 1995 — argues that Spencer’s bill will “result in giving the police more selective enforcement power which always ends up in black people being racially profiled.”

Alderwoman Cara Spencer, left, and former St. Louis Comptroller Virvus Jones. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch file photos) 

Furthermore, Virvus Jones said the bill would give police “unconstitutional selective enforcement & stop & frisking of black people who openly carry guns.”

Spencer responded on Twitter:

“What do you recommend? State action-which would criminalize people and shift authority from city to state? Or doing nothing (?). Help me understand how your position is fact-based and not politically motivated,” Spencer posted on Twitter.

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