This negatively affects the desirability of these metropolitan areas as places to live, bring business, and to build.

Dr. Larry A. Brown

STATEMENT: It is important for our country’s growth, to expand upon the accomplishments of the past and continually produce loyal, positive, and ingenious citizens who will continue to develop and preserve its resources.

PROBLEM: Many urban cities in America ( in particular, those where many minorities live ), are experiencing dramatic increases in killings often involving younger people. This negatively affects the desirability of these metropolitan areas as places to live, bring business, and to build. These American cities have been known throughout the world for their previous accomplishments. We speak of cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, New York, etc.

There also exists a severe lack of respect for human life.

SOLUTION: We must begin a program of care and guidance of youth to adulthood so that they have positive attitudes about themselves, their neighbors, and their community. The public school system in America is where we can begin, as the young people enter their graduating senior year of high school.

MODUS OPERANDI: Each graduating senior will receive a “ tee shirt “ with the slogan “ I’M ALIVE. LET ME SURVIVE. “ Each young person will be assigned an adult monitor who will help that youth become a responsible, productive adult.

The monitor will come from participating fraternities, sororities, masonic groups, and other organizations in communities who have similar interests. The monitor will also assist the youth in the selection of things to pursue after high school ( college, employment, military, marriage, etc. ) The youth will be encouraged to identify community issues that need to be addressed and what they, personally, will do to improve the situation.

RESULT: By instituting this into the education program ( whose primary purpose is to give children the tools they need in order to be functional adults ) we will insure the positive continuation of our society.

FUNDING: This program can be funded continually by allocating an amount of dollars ( $100-$150 ) out of the approved schools budget for each senior in high school. It may be desirable to initiate this program in 5 – 10 cities as a pilot program with funding from a different source as a “demonstration project “.

For further information or discussion contact Dr. Larry A. Brown – 314 – 409-0965 or P.O. Box 952, Florissant, Mo. 63032


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