Meet Black Excellence KC

Black Excellence KC connects talented driven Black professionals, and creates what needs to be in place for them to have more professional opportunities

Building and supporting a vibrant black community

Founded with the vision of creating a launching-pad for Black professional’s careers, Black Excellence was built around the question “how can we best connect talented driven Black professionals, and what needs to be in place for them to have more professional opportunities?” To solve this, we have partnered with foundations, corporations, and executives to create pathways for career acceleration. And because we know the importance of having great people around you outside of work, we plan events that let Black professionals relax and have fun with peers who understand them.


We connect thousands of black professionals across the middle of the map to a space they can call “home”. Our executive and advisory team has worked with some of the biggest brands and most impactful initiatives in both the region and the world. Surpassing levels of success against the odds of inequality, we have joined together to circulate wisdom throughout a community created to nurture Black professionals for generations to come.


BXKC is a resource for Black professionals to learn how to add value to their career above and beyond their job description. We provide unique learning and social experiences, personality mapping, job placement matchmaking, tailored to each member within a community that gets them.

It is our goal to host a discussion amongst people who represent the many characteristics of the Black Community. We feel for us as a culture to have true unity we must break down the barriers of communication that seem to divide us. No matter the pronoun, sexual orientation, religious belief, or age the disparities of our history affects us all simply because of the color of our skin.


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