Non-profit News: Giving praise to the volunteers with Food Outreach St. Louis

The Food Outreach’s mission is to provide nutritional support and enhance the quality of life of men, women, and children.

Food Outreach St. Louis

Let’s talk about giving praise to volunteers across the globe who go above and beyond for the greater good of helping others. I would like to thank Fran for being courageous in taking on this new challenge and stepping out of her comfort zone to volunteer with Food Outreach. 

Fran is compassionate towards others, she has a team player mindset, she is dependable, and she is committed to the cause of making the world a better place with love and kindness. Fran shares her selfless story of how she and others give back to the community

Food Outreach St. Louis

Personal Speech: My Love for being a volunteer

My name is Fran. I work for an insurance company handling claims for homes and vehicles.  I spend most of my time bringing empathy to the situations of others and trying my best to provide them with the best outcome. 

My employer encourages employees to give back their time to the community. They pay our hourly wage to volunteer with organizations or provide time for things that matter most to us

It took me some time to determine which organization would be the best fit for me. I researched multiple organizations that help animals, the ill, and people in need of resources. During my research, I came across Food Outreach Inc which provides for low-income clients living with HIV/AIDs and cancer. They provide nutritional counseling, education, meals, and groceries.

Food Outreach St. Louis

The Food Outreach’s mission is to provide nutritional support and enhance the quality of life of men, women, and children. Per their site, they are the only organization providing these services in the region, which includes Missouri and Illinois

They make meals from scratch, provide fresh fruits/vegetables, and also provide shelf-stable items such as pasta, canned foods, beans, etc. They have a chef on staff and a registered Dietitian that provide personalized meals, dietetic counseling, and nutritional supplements. Home delivery is also an option for home-bound clients. Each client is provided with two nutritious meals per day.

I was immediately drawn in and knew that my time would be best spent making sure that this organization had the help needed to provide to those in dire need so I registered online for one of many available volunteer positions. I chose to do grocery packing as it aligned best with my schedule and physical capabilities.

When I arrived onsite, I was a bit nervous as it’d been a while since I’d volunteered for anything. I noticed that someone else had pulled into the parking lot at the same time that I did. As I put on my mask, I watched as a young woman exited her vehicle and went towards the entrance of the building.

She was immediately approached by a man that let her in so I hurried from my vehicle so I wouldn’t miss this grand opportunity to enter the building without hassle. I approached the man and told him why I was there. He allowed me into the building and directed me to the area where I’d be assisting for the day. Once there I noticed a multitude of people already scurrying about.

Upon finishing all of the packing and breaking down the boxes that each individual food came in, I was left looking for more. We were told after about one hour that we were all done. I was pleasantly surprised as I expected to be there for three hours at least as that was the designated time provided online.

I was, however, fulfilled and proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and contributing to the greater good. Thirty people would be getting boxes that I helped fill and they would be happy and that made me happy. Now I can only imagine what else I can do that will advance someone else’s well-being.

I love that if you can’t volunteer that you can still donate a monetary donation that will ensure that someone can benefit. Donations can be made at Donate to Food Outreach – Food Outreach. There is a breakdown provided on the site that allows you to see how many meals your contribution will result in.

Thank you, volunteers, for your amazing generosity and dedication. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your willingness to serve others.

Food Outreach

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