Refugee Soccer expands core mission to focus on empowering refugee girls through soccer by sending #SheBelongs Team to the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand

#SheBelongs Team First Training Session



Refugee Soccer expands its core mission to focus on empowering refugee girls through soccer by sending its #SheBelongs Team to the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand.

For the past 10 years, Refugee Soccer has been shining light on the overlooked and marginalized communities of displaced people around the world including Ukraine, Nigeria, and numerous states across the USA.

Refugee Soccer is very pleased to announce the formation of a special team of 22 female athletes (50/50 refugee/non-refugee), the #SheBelongs Soccer Team.

The #SheBelongs Soccer Project is a long-term program of bonding events and competitions to engage communities of refugee and non-refugee girls through soccer in the USA and around the world. The primary goal of #SheBelongs is to shine the light of fresh perspective and hope on the struggles of refugee girls and to celebrate their journey to success wherever they resettle.

Through this new program, the Utah-based nonprofit aims to break down gender equity walls and create a safe, empowering space for these girls and, in so doing, achieve the following objectives:

• Foster true belonging.
Improve emotional well-being.
• Empower girls to reach their fullest potential as athletes, wage-earners, and citizens.

This powerful and diverse team of young women will visit New Zealand to attend the first group stage match of the US Women’s National Team on July 22nd. In the days leading up to this match, which kicks off the US Women’s hunt for their third consecutive World Cup title, the #SheBelongs team will engage local refugee communities and play friendly matches with their counterparts in New Zealand, as well as in the San Francisco Bay Area and Japan, on their way to the Cup.

“Societies have long treated girls and women like they are less capable of greatness than they actually are,” said Adam Miles, Founder and Executive Director of Refugee Soccer. “I know the world is a better place when long-held stereotypes, biased and broken systems, and limiting perspectives are cleared out of the way so girls can run, not walk, forward in their lives making the most of their natural talents, passions, and power. #SheBelongs is our effort to contribute to a world that treats girls not only with fairness and respect but amplifies who they are as humans as we get out of their way and watch them brighten the societies in which they live.”

The message of #SheBelongs will impact millions of people across a wide range of backgrounds, life stories, and levels of privilege. There are many ways to get involved and support this effort and anyone interested is encouraged to contact the organization.

For more information visit, or contact Executive Director Adam Miles at: +1-801-931-1170 or via email at

About Refugee Soccer
Refugee Soccer was formally established in 2016 as a dedicated program under the 501(c)(3) entity known as Bridges To America, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bridges To America was started in 2005 originally to reunite African families separated by war, famine, and poverty. Soccer became a key part of Bridges’ efforts around 2013 as Founder and Executive Director, Adam Miles, started to involve his four children in the effort. His then 13-year-old daughter, Kylie, a goalkeeper, played a fundamental role in raising funds to deliver 100 soccer balls to kids living in rural villages in Ghana, West Africa through the Bridges’ program known as Save-A-Thon For Africa. This effort was the genesis of Refugee Soccer.

Today, the mission of Refugee Soccer is to connect refugee and established communities through soccer around the world. Refugee Soccer was formed to create and support solutions that combat the tremendous losses of productivity, progress, and hope that result from the massive displacement occurring in the world at historically high levels. Soccer is our secret weapon.


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