Nonprofit Brings Diversity to Film Industry Statewide

Continuity help crew first major film project in Missouri since tax incentive

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Just a year after the STL Today article shed light on Missouri being overlooked for film production, the state’s film community is experiencing a renaissance. The current production of “On Fire,” filming across multiple locations in the St. Louis area since early November, marks a significant turning point. With a new tax incentive in place and more productions on the horizon, local organization Continuity CREW has been diligently creating the necessary infrastructure to ensure a diverse crew is represented on set.

Under the backdrop of a burgeoning film scene, Continuity CREW has actively engaged participants from its workshop series in various capacities on set, including wardrobe and PA (production assistants). This involvement contributes to the expansion of diversity within the local production industry, thanks to Continuity CREW’s Apprenticeship Program in partnership with the Missouri Film Office.

Noteworthy achievements include Continuity CREW’s recent expansion into Kansas City, where they conducted their inaugural Set Basics Workshop in collaboration with the Missouri Film Office and KC Film Office. Held at KC PBS, the event generated considerable excitement, offering a glimpse into the organization’s expanding workshop and programming and broader outreach initiatives as a statewide organization in 2024.

“Building infrastructure for our film and media production industry is a statewide initiative, and Continuity CREW is at the forefront, ensuring that diversity is a cornerstone of the crews represented on projects coming to our state,” said Cofounder Kyle Montgomery.

As the film industry gains momentum in Missouri, Continuity CREW remains committed to fostering inclusivity, workforce development, and community engagement. Their strategic partnerships with key production companies and film offices across the state underscore their dedication to creating a thriving and diverse film and media ecosystem.

To learn more about Continuity and their impact in the community, check out their website at


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