Prison Break 2: Looking into Myself

I have more designs in my head than I have drawn up and would love to see my designs come to life over someone’s silhouette.

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More candid prose from my contributing inmate Reginald Clemons, who is currently serving time at Jefferson City, MO correctional facility.Editor

Looking into myself today, I awoke ready to face and enjoy the day, as yesterday turns into a history lesson.

I count the blessings of its pain, that make me enjoy the pleasure of today that much more. As I prepare for another day at work in the sewing factory here at Jefferson City Correctional Center.

We are paid slave wages at $0.15 a hour/-10% tax and told that the money we are not paid is to pay our debt to society. In the process I am getting a Vocational Education opportunity to learn something new.

Working in the sewing factory, I have learned how to make Polo shirts, handicap assistant dog backpacks, and today I am learning how to make a plastic carry all bag.

These handicap assistant dog backpacks are made in an interesting way that has a handle on the back with saddlebag on both side that hang off the dogs back. I just recently found out from my mother that she is a seamstress and that she is an artist who taught my oldest brother how to draw.

My Mother is an extremely private person and none braggadocios type of person. Its strange how in life the fruit does not fall for from the tree in the way of talent, because I know now why I want to start a clothing line and have the skills to draw my clothing designs.

I have more designs in my head than I have drawn up and would love to see my designs come to life over someone’s silhouette. I fantasize at work about someday making my own clothes and want to figure out how to sneak and make my own designs when no one is looking, but someone is always looking, so it a fantasy, real in my mind.

I have a serious plan for my innovative clothing line that has features no one has ever seen before. Now I am being given a trial run on the Specialty Line, where we make all kinds of different types of things and its feel all good to have my talent recognized. They only have to show me something once and within my first two tries I almost always have it.

If I am promoted to the specialty line, I will learn how to make anything my imagination can come up with. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.


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