Shooting Is A Result. We Must Attack The Cause!! 

Understanding the causes of shootings and what we can do to prevent them is essential to creating a safe and secure environment for everyone. Here, we explore the psychology behind these acts of violence and discuss ways to address them.

Rev. Dr. Larry Brown, President of Grace Chapel Ministries

Sometimes “shooting” becomes the ultimate and finite result of frustration.

Often, a person has tried to get resolution to a situation in all the ways they may know how, but either their efforts have gone unnoticed, or they have been unsuccessful. They have become more and more agitated because they have been unable to solve the problem or at least reduce it. The individuals may feel that they are being ignored or that no one else cares.

Often, there may be others around who are feeling and experiencing the same kind of discomfort, but they are able to factor it in with their other pressures and continue to handle it. (Their cup is not running over yet) Often, shooting is done spontaneously, without regards to the outcome. The brain has told the individual that this is the way to handle the situation now and completely. Of course, in a civilized society which ours is supposed to be, there should be other ways available, including self – restraint, and changing environments. If a person reaches the point where they feel alone in the situation, that no one cares about them or cares for a cure for the situation, and it is up to them to handle the situation immediately, is when shootings and other bizarre solutions occur.

I, personally, find it difficult to dwell on this kind of subject matter too long, without wanting to take some kind of action to eliminate part of the stress that it creates.

We may say that the blame lies with COVID stress, competition for the American Dream, lack of finances, defamation, or the many, many other reasons that cause one to resort to shooting, I feel very strongly that the primary cause is a lack of respect for HUMAN LIFE.

If we are taught again, as we were when we were kids, to believe that the worst thing that you can do is to take another person’s life, then, we might find other ways to resolve or deal with undesirable situations.

Our culture of permissiveness, and freedoms of many kinds, has resulted in confusion about right and wrong.

The longer we let this kind type of demonstration occur, the worse it is going to get.

Even now, people are afraid to venture out, even to get gas, or attend desirable events. Many are even afraid to go to church!

Gun restrictions are not the real answer. Stronger sentences are not the real answer. Curfews won’t do it. New laws won’t do it. The answer lies in our ability as a nation and as a people to return to the principle of RESPECT for LIFE!!

We all must become involved in some way in this process. Visit to see how you can help. The time is now!!!

Submitted by Rev. Dr. Larry Brown who is the president of Grace Chapel Ministries, a 36 year- old organization, which seeks solutions for community growth. Dr. Brown may be reached


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