So, What’s Your Summer Aesthetic, 2023?

With the rising trend of summer aesthetics, it can be hard to know which one fits you best.


With the rise of tiktok came the rise of so many different aesthetics and people trying to figure out their specific ones. With aesthetics piling up like Cottage Core, Soft Girl, Normcore, and E-girls & boys, knowing which one you fit in can be hard. Aesthetics have so many niched groupings and micro-types that just having an aesthetic is like finding out your 16th personality, your astrological sign, or your friends economical and social status. Aesthetics are our own little invasive directory into one’s life, as some people use their personal aesthetics to rule not only their fashion sense but their music taste, artistry, and communication.

So with that being said, what’s your summer aesthetic?

Starting off with Blokette Core,

As you can tell by the name, Blokette Core is a mix of two aesthetics: street style and the Coquette. Blokette is a perfect match of divine femininity and urban masculinity all mixed into one. This style’s popularity grew around spring of 2023 and has defined itself more and more as time has passed. The perfect shoe for the Blokette style has named itself to be the Adidas Samba, its lightweight yet effortlessly chic and cool style has taken this aesthetic to the moon. Hints of Coquette pink and femininity sprinkles itself in this style with ribbons, bows, and long socks. While hints of Masculinity trek through with Soccer Jerseys, Sneakers, Long Jean skirts and Slacks. This style is led by supermodels like Bella Hadid and various New York influencers. 

Not too far from the New York grimes heading up north to the Hamptons, we introduce the Coastal Grandma.

Such a simple and straight to the point aesthetic, Coastal Grandma is exactly its name. This aesthetic is led by the ocean and everything around it. This style is more of an exquisite lifestyle than it is just a personal style. The Coastal Grandma wears a striped modest button down flowy dress to her country club meeting about this year’s young woman cotillion. This aesthetic is ruled by reverse nostalgia, those who wear this style almost lean into the future of what their lives will become wearing jorts, oversized baby blue button downs, white flowy maxi sundresses, and gold and silver expensive jewelry: quiet luxury at its finest. Old Money is the theme and deep and light blue color palettes help this aesthetic stay afloat.

And where would a Coastal Grandmother be without her Coastal Granddaughter?

The Coastal Granddaughter is the less modest version of her grandma. She’s in style but still quiet about how much money her outfit costs. Modern yet simplistic, she’s just like her grandma in the sense of her deep blues carrying her aesthetic. She sometimes is paired up with the Coastal Cowgirl, who’s a bit more rowdy than her (her cowgirl boots carrying her overall aesthetic) and might be a little less wealthy but still carries the same ocean views. The Coastal Granddaughter can be seen hanging in the sun with her white bikini and book on hand, when she’s ready to cover up she’ll grab a striped button down and maybe her favorite baseball ball team cap. Her aesthetic is effortless and is definitely led by the fact that she has no worries at all.

So we leave the East Side and head where it’s warm all year long to find the Coconut Girl.

Even if you don’t live somewhere it’s warm all the time, the Coconut Girl aesthetic will make it seem as if you do. This aesthetic, just like the Coastal ones, is ruled by the beach. This one is just a bit more vibrant than your last two. The Coconut girl is carefree and fearless; she can run around in just her bikini on the sandy beaches for hours or swim in the sea through the ocean until dawn. She is always paired with a nice bikini and a fruit of her choice. She probably has a flower in her head, sand in her bikini bottoms, and a surfboard on hand. 

So with the description of all these fun summer aesthetics, which one are you? Maybe you fit in a few, maybe you fit in none and your style thrives more in the fall or winter, whichever it is just remember to have fun and not take yourself or aesthetic too seriously this summer.


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