St. Louis Taco Fest – A Celebration of Delicious Tacos and Refreshing Drinks on Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style at the St. Louis Taco Fest. Enjoy delicious tacos from a variety of vendors, refreshing margaritas, lively entertainment, and a taco-eating contest.

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The St. Louis Taco Fest went down on May 5th, from 1 pm to 8 pm at Kiener Plaza. It was a lively and festive event that took place on Cinco de Mayo. The event featured a variety of delicious tacos from numerous vendors, refreshing margaritas for sale, and an array of lively entertainment that left everyone in attendance feeling energized and happy.

One of the highlights of the event was the taco stands that were set up throughout the park. Festival-goers could enjoy traditional Mexican tacos, like al pastor or carnitas, as well as unique and inventive options, like Korean BBQ or vegan tacos. Each vendor brought their own unique flavors and styles to the event, making it a true celebration of taco culture.

Another highlight of the event was the margaritas. With the sun shining down and temperatures warming up, these refreshing drinks were the perfect way to cool off and get into the spirit of the festival. Margarita stands were scattered throughout the plaza, offering a variety of flavors and styles to choose from. But the real excitement of the event came in the form of a taco-eating contest. Participants were challenged to eat as many tacos as they could in a set amount of time, and the winner walked away with a prize. The competition was fierce, with both amateur and professional eaters showing off their skills and pushing themselves to the limit.

Throughout the day, music artists performed on the stage, adding to the festive atmosphere and keeping the energy level high. From traditional bands and rap artists to contemporary music acts, the performers kept the crowd engaged and dancing throughout the event. Overall, the St. Louis Taco Fest was a huge success. The combination of delicious food, refreshing drinks, and lively entertainment made it a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone in attendance. For taco lovers and anyone looking to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, this festival was the perfect way to do it.


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