The Founder of Global Breast Health & Wellness Center in Atlanta, a closer look at Dr. April Spencer

A closer look at prominent surgeon and Breast cancer specialist Dr. April Spencer, founder of Global Health & Wellness, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. April Spencer M.D.

On February 26, 2023, in Washington, D.C. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. April Spencer, M.D. She was a guest panelist and speaker at the Washington, D.C. and CVS Health Clinical Trial Services™ in partnership with Biogen, which are collaborating to educate and engage diverse, under-represented populations in clinical trials. As a biotechnology consultant, researcher, and educator, I wanted to hear what some of the leading medical professionals in the country had to say. Dr. Spencer is an up-and-coming Atlanta Superstar Board Certified General Surgeon. 

What I liked about her presentation was that she is well-versed in several areas that help heal the human body and spirit. She is an effective physician that is very in tune with the patients that she serves and mentors. Her latest episodes on UrbanMDTV in April 2023 are very intriguing. The references in this article will provide more in-depth information about her and her cosmetics company. Clinical trials require more partnerships with entities that can enable a more diverse population of subjects that will produce a better representation of the efficacy of new and current drugs on the market. 

Dr. April Spencer is the Founder and Chief operating surgeon of Global Breast Health & Wellness Center. She specializes in the management of both benign and cancerous breast conditions. She was raised in inner-city Atlanta and has given back to Atlanta with her gift of medical procedures and insights. As a family woman and mother, she is in tune with parenting and health care concerns for the family, which are often the foundations of culture

Dr. Spencer is an expert on the patient-centered approach of collaborating with leading oncologic experts to formulate the best possible plan for each patient. In addition, she serves as a community speaker, author, consultant, and lecturer on breast health and breast cancer prevention, in addition to safe and effective treatment strategies. Dr. Spencer also has her cosmetics and skin care line, Taylor Made. Her vision for this line since 2014 is to provide a safe and sophisticated choice in cosmetics and skin care for men, women, and children.

Taylor Made products are phthalate and paraben-free, with powerful pigments that last all day. Taylor Made is a welcome and long-awaited addition to this incredible journey of transformation from your Spencer further developed proficiency in promoting breast cancer awareness through community outreach, advocacy, prevention, and education through the Susan G. Komen component of her Fellowship. Dr. Spencer believes in providing breast care with dignity and detail.

As a breast expert, she provides 100% breast services to women and men. Medicine also evolves in ways that may not have existed a decade ago. Social media has been a go-to for many people under 35 to get insights about medical questions. Dr. Spencer is not missing a beat in how she can convey health awareness and safety through her media outlets.

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