Very classy Davante Adams, you are caught on video shoving the camera man

The game sparked so many emotions for the fans and the players alike.

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The first place Kansas City Chiefs came roaring back to win against their division rivals Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night. With the score 30-29, I can imagine the frustration mounting as the players exit the field.

It is tough enough trying to hold on to a lead midway, especially with a potent Chief’s offense just waiting to get pass the red zone. However, they did get pass it, and through it to win the game.

The game sparked so many emotions for the fans and the players alike. Just like my baseball team the St. Louis Cardinals, I wanted badly for them to go all the way after choking in the Wild Card.

In addition to having the lead, you expect your defense to hold the offense off for the win. Yet that doesn’t always happen in the Raiders’ wide receivers case, Davante Adams was pissed, pissed and more pissed.

So much so, as he was walking down the tunnel to the locker room. He knew darn well the media was waiting to get that sensational reaction image.

For him to say, even though they said he apologize, that he didn’t see the camera man. Is a blatantly lie of many proportions.

Last, I hope he gets the help he needs for his anger management or his little circus show. And you know the camera man is already filing charges of his very own. We will just have to sit back and wait for it.


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Davante Adams pushed a camera man to the ground, very classy #POS


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