Diverse suppliers are good for business and the community

JPMorgan Chase is redefining supplier diversity with its enhanced supplier diversity program, committing to more diverse spending and generating over six billion dollars for diverse businesses.

At the heart of every Community are its diverse businesses.

Ted Archer Global head of business partner diversity for JPMorgan Chase has dedicated his career at JPMorgan Chase to building programs that drive economic growth his focus and powering underrepresented businesses.

But why is Supplier Diversity crucial diverse suppliers bring Innovation operate with agility and most importantly they were juvenate local economies. They hire locally boosting incomes and uplifting communities a win for all through 10. Archers role at JPMorgan Chase. His goal is to redefine Supplier Diversity. JPMorgan is forming deeper Relationships by connecting businesses to networks contracts and resources.

The impact 100 top suppliers of JPMorgan Chase now have enhanced Supplier Diversity Program the results astounding in just two years nearly 90% of the top suppliers committed to more diverse pending generating over six billion dollars for diverse businesses looking to start with JPMorgan begin with a diverse business certifying organization with the Supplier Diversity Network JPMorgan connects sources and offers contract opportunities to new diverse businesses Supplier. Diversity isn't just good for business. It's good for families employees and entire communities.

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