THE SECRET OF SELLING THE NEGRO (1954, sound, 20 min, color, 16mm)
as featured in the documentary, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO.

In 2022 has anything changed?

Film commissioned by the Chicago-based publisher of Negro Digest , Ebony , and Jet to encour-age advertisers to reach out to African American consumers.

The Secret of Selling the Negro depicts the lives, activities, and consumer behavior of African American professionals, students, and housewives.

A Business Screen reviewer noted that the film focused on the “bright positive” aspects of the “new Negro family.” NOTE : The sponsor issued a companion booklet offering the “do’s and don’ts of selling to the Negro.”


This is why education is important. Not just book/school knowledge. When you're educated on how other people view you and try to exploit you, you have the power to combat that intelligently. This video didn't teach me anything I didn't know. But it's a great video to watch.


He said " It's a well-known fact that negro customers are influenced by the OPINIONS of others". That in itself is still a MAJOR problem in the black community. We need to hear and follow our own inner voice/intuition as to what serves our best interest instead of constantly worrying about others opinions of us.


Don't thumbs down these amazing videos because you are uncomfortable with the subject matter. whoever is uploading them is working hard to bring us all a slice of little seen history.


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