Watching for Prostate Cancer Recurrence After Surgery

When my father was getting discharged, his medical caretakers advised us strictly to keep coming for his follow-ups.

Gentry Griffith

Some of you know about my father’s prostate cancer journey and how we have dealt with it for 18 years now.  To those who have been with me during his struggling period, I appreciate the support and I’m really grateful.

Today I am writing this to you all to let you know how everything is going. When we got done with his radical prostatectomy, it was the happiest day of our lives. But the story does not end there, as it is just the beginning of a new chapter.

The importance of follow-ups after treatment

We all know that once prostate cancer appears, we may not ever be able to completely get rid of it. There is always a chance of its reappearance. I know it’s something that can cause fear. It is also a sign to keep your health under check.

When my father was getting discharged, his medical caretakers advised us strictly to keep coming for his follow-ups. Not because the surgery was not successful. But to make sure that his health is not compromised at any point. The doctors also added that cancer has a possibility of coming back. If we do not take our follow-up testing seriously, it may reappear without us knowing, or with even more intensity. Our negligence could harm us more than before in that case.

Getting his PSA tested

These instructions were strict for a reason. Not to scare us but to make us understand the significance of these follow-up tests. After my father healed, we used to get his PSA tested every 3 months initially, and then we would do random testing. PSA levels had to be closely monitored for people like him coming out of prostatectomy. They can be a potential warning sign that cancer may be coming back. But that is not always enough by itself; occasionally going for a complete body check-up can also be important.

To keep up with everything, we scheduled his whole routine, like PSA tests. And complete body check-ups after every 9 to 10 months. We used to visit his doctor after that to discuss if there was anything that needed consideration. All these tests and monitoring are important; they were also important in how he was taking care of his body.

Keeping him healthy in other ways

I make sure his diet is very healthy, with all the greens, carbs, proteins, and fruits. Things that can help the body stay healthy. Depending entirely on medicine is not enough to us. I had to make sure that my father is consuming everything that can keep him healthy in the long-run.

I think broccoli has amazing nutrients, and I am still sticking to it. It is in his permanent diet content. I switch his greens between broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots, or any fresh seasonal veggie.

Doing everything we can

I think keeping the body healthy is very important before and after surgery. It does not mean that the disease can’t attack and come back. But one thing we can do is try to keep the body healthy enough and do follow-up testing, so we have the power to fight back.

Stay healthy and wise.


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