What can a 112 year old newspaper do to help grow our region?

The ARGUS is an independent African-American platform for stories, perspectives, and resources that are often muted. We provide a space for African American influence to be heard, and shine a spotlight on issues of systemic racism.

The Problems The ARGUS Solves.
The ARGUS has long served as an important platform for African American voices, perspectives, and stories. Historically, we provide a space for African American influence to be heard, often at a time where it was otherwise muted. 

With our mission focused theme “Move The Region Forward” The ARGUS has allowed stories of African American triumph and adversity to be exposed to the world. We also shine a spotlight on issues of systemic racism and other forms of discrimination

In addition, The ARGUS helps to combat the often-problematic representation of black people in the mainstream media. 

Forging Connections in the Community

By providing an independent platform for black stories and perspectives, we raise awareness and educate the public on important issues affecting the black community

An Economic Driver

We connect African Americans to each other and inform them of resources, financial literacy and valuable opportunities for African American entrepreneurs and business owners as we educate readers on important economic issues.

A Voice For Social Change

The ARGUS shines a light on topics such as police brutality, poverty, and educational disparities, bringing about new conversations about these issues inspiring positive social change by creating a space for black voices to build solidarity.

We need your support.

Let’s work together to make our home a better city as we take on issues headfirst, welcome new talent and re-invest in our greatest asset – our children to create generational wealth.

Contact The ARGUS

Join the ARGUS today. Email: st.louis.argus@gmail.com • 314.632.6079


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