Who Is Action St. Louis and why they matter.

Action St. Louis was born out of the Ferguson Uprisings of 2014. Initially organized as a coalition, Action’s history is rooted in collective direct action against systemic racism and state violence.

Our Mission

Action St. Louis is a grassroots racial justice organization that seeks to build political power for Black communities in the St. Louis region. Action St. Louis builds campaigns that leverages organizing, communications, advocacy and direct action to mitigate harm against our community while fighting for long term transformation.


Action St. Louis envisions a region where Black people are empowered to take bold action towards transforming our own communities, making St. Louis a place where every Black life is valued and affirmed. Through organizing, we envision building communities that are free from oppressive institutions and all forms of violence.

Action’s Core Values

  1. Abolition: In order to truly transform our communities and create a society where ALL Black people are able to thrive, we must divest and then abolish systems of oppression. 
  2. Black Feminist Lens: Our organizing work must address the multifaceted ways Black people are continually oppressed – including race, class, gender, sexuality and more. We subscribe to Black Feminism as a political ideology and it shapes our organizing work as we build power in our region.
  3. Base-Building: The power of this organization is a reflection of building strong campaigns that build strong leaders and a base of active community members.
  4. Self Determination: The right to self-determination is essentially the right of a people to determine its own vision and govern themselves in service of that vision.
  5. Leadership Development: Action St. Louis believes deeply in the Ella Baker approach to organizing. Growing the capacity of our members is key to sustaining the organization and the movement.
  6. Inclusivity: Action is building a political home for all Black people including and especially, women, trans and gender non-conforming Black folks, formerly incarcerated Black folks, Black immigrants and differently-abled Black folks.

    Learn more about Action St. Louis programs. Visit: https://actionstl.org/


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