YaYa’s Euro Bistro takes beyond reproach Pride in assuring quality and great service in St Louis

Since the pandemic, many great restaurants have come and gone. And some are still going much away.

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Learning the value of treating your customers and staff the right way.

As most people in the food world knows, St Louis is a foodie city. A humbled title that has been noted since they hosted the 1904 World’s Fair in the famed Forest Park.

Since the pandemic, many great restaurants have come and gone. And some are still going much away.

However, YaYa’s Euro Bistro, has stayed true to its Chesterfield roots; instilling integrity, diversity, value and quality management with its staff. While making sure everyone still got to eat at the end of the day.

After being so warmly greeted by the fabulous server Miss Brooke.

Miss Brooke

I sat down with managing partner John K. Miller, a native St Louisan. Moreover, it is very seldom that the higher office every have time to talk to anybody but bookkeeping.

John K. Miller

But Mr Miller was ready to chat with me as he politely waved off meetings one by one. He spoke of the 20 restaurants across the country owned by parent company PB&J Restaurants, Inc.

John even talked about the despair of Covid-19, and how they made it happen. Even with no customers in the restaurant, they still made things cook.

  1. Providing curb side service
  2. Making sure they took advantage of all the government services offered for the business and the staff
  3. Maintaining a list of all their loyal customers and keeping them abreast of changes
  4. Ensuring that nothing changed with the menu for those with special diets
  5. Maintaining a strong repertoire with the cooks, servers and managers

Mr Miller didn’t sugar coat anything with his company, there were some restaurants that had to shutter. But for a many reasons or another, things happen and you do what is best to keep striving.

One thing about YaYa’s that resonated with me, and John showed me better than he could tell me. On the wall as you come in, there are gallery of photos of how 14 to 15 years of service awards you.

You get a freaking Harley Davidson Motorcycle.. That is right and no typo. The company gives their loyal employees a motorcycle and of course other perks along the way.

I wanted an application here and now. But I thought about it, I live way out east. The drive daily would kill me mentally. (joking)

YaYa’s is open daily, with a Sunday Brunch and weekdays Happy Hour 4-6pm. They serve Bistro Specials, Sandwiches, Signature Pastas, From the gardens, Soups, Wood-Fired Pizzas/Flatbreads and St Louis’ own house made raviolis.

Their sweet treats are dainty, with the Butter Cake (I got one haven’t tasted it yet but oh boy); a seasonal dessert tray and next time I come out I want the Chocolate Souffle. Check out their prices, they are reasonable and you will be there more than twice a week.

History: Established in 1995. Perhaps the whimsy is the name itself and what it conjures up. “Ya Ya” means grandmother. Named after co-founder Paul Khoury’s own grandmother, who as the wife of an ambassador, traveled in many European countries gathering ideas for her own special recipes.

So, if you are hanging out in Chesterfield and looking for a great place eat and play, stop by YaYa’s. You will be glad you did.


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