Snapshots: Lady injured in a sun-kissed car accident with a truck from Republic Services

Be safe out there, put down your phones, stay focused.

I was heading to a home visit and I heard sirens, so I pulled over. It is always important to pull over, to protect yourself from possible hit and runs.

However, this wasn’t your typical city police chase. The Metropolitan St Louis Police and Fire Department/Ambulance were responding to a trucking accident, involving a young black female in a late model Chevrolet Malibu-white.

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She was side swiped by the truck apparently trying to cross the intersection.

Details are sketchy, but at 8:52 am, I was able to get out of my vehicle at Page and Hamilton, west side city. And have a conversation with the truck driver from Republic Services in Bridgeton.

The young black male driver was a bit shaken and showed that he was benignant. A perfect gentleman, he was more compassionate about the injured driver’s welfare. In which he stated she was able to get out car and walk to ambulance.

He stated he driving up hill on Page Ave., west, and was making a left turn at Hamilton.

Moreover, you know an 18-wheeler can not stop, so the driver must have been trying to proceed eastward of Page at the light. From my experience this is a dangerous hill, and if you don’t slow down coming up it, these things will happen.

The Newsletter 05
The Newsletter 05

Because just a few weeks ago, an officer involved car chase, caused an innocent driver’s injuries. When they were trying to cross Page at the light and they didn’t see the fleeing car rushing toward them.

I was not able to speak with the Firemen or the officers at the scene, but I leave you with a few photos. Be safe out there, put down your phones, stay focused. And slow down. You will arrive alive at all times.

The Newsletter 05


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