The Legendary “Miss Fannies Ball 2023” “The Best In Female Impersonation Competion”

Miss Fannies Ball is a legendary annual event in St. Louis, featuring female impersonation, lights, cameras, and action. It has been running for more than 50 years and will be held at the Ambassador Auditorium on Saturday, Nov. 4th.

(St. Louis, Mo.) For over 50 years the legendary Miss Fannies Ball has been a part of St. Louis history.

The ball was historically created to entertain and showcase some of the best in female impersonation. It has now become a much anticipated yearly event that’s attended by those of all ages and backgrounds.

From business dignitaries to national artists and figures. The fun filled experience is full of lights, cameras and action. In fact, it is said that “you won’t believe your eyes” as the transformations take place at center stage.

All of St. Louis is expected to come out and support this explosive and entertaining affair. This year’s event will be not only a competition, but an exhibition of talent, beauty and fashion.

The event will be held at the Ambassador auditorium, 9800 New Halls Ferry Road on Saturday, Nov.4 th . Doors open at 8pm and showtime is 9pm. For more information call 314- 324-0945……WE WILL SEE YOU THERE!


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