112-year old ARGUS Media Group adds Hasan El-Amin to it’s roster

Hasan El-Amin officially joins his family’s publishing company to continue it’s 112 year mission as a ‘voice of Blacks’ in the region.

Hasan El-Amin

Hasan El-Amin is no stranger to the building of a legacy with St. Louis Argus Newspaper. He has signed on to join his family as they continue to bring the historic media icon back to print. Here is story, and The ARGUS welcomes him as the Marketing Liaison-Brand Strategist.

About Hasan El-Amin

Hasan El-Amin is a driven and dedicated multi-disciplinary artist and media production student at the University of Houston. He is determined to make a name for himself in the field of art, editorial work, and creative direction, where he is committed to bringing unique perspectives and innovative ideas. With a strong focus on artistry, execution, and authenticity, he is dedicated to creating visually striking and impactful content/art that tells compelling stories and evokes emotion in the viewer.

Hasan has a background in media production, which has given him a solid foundation in

technical skills such as cinematography, editing, and sound design. He understands the

importance of these skills in executing his creative vision, and he constantly strives to hone his craft and improve his technical abilities.

In addition to his individual goals, Hasan is also passionate about collaborating with his

contemporaries in the art space. He believes that by working together, they can build a platform that elevates and uplifts their community. He is particularly interested in using art as a means of bringing people together and making a positive impact on the world.

Hasan is also deeply committed to his hometown of Saint Louis Missouri. He has focused on building a cohesive community of artists and has worked hard to create a chain of support for all age brackets, especially the youth. He wants the people of Saint Louis, particularly the youth, to be proud of their hometown and feel the inclination to stay and build. Through his art and philanthropy, he hopes to inspire the next generation of artists to make a meaningful impact on their community and the world.

A Legacy of Service

The ARGUS is a vital and historic institution for the black community in the greater Saint Louis area for many years. Since a child, The Saint Louis Argus has served the community as an outlet for positive black relevancy and truth not only within the greater Saint Louis area but the world as well. I observed the newspaper being fueled by the small staff and operations within the long-time physical location at 4595 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. 

I marveled at the organization with the small staff and the commitment to telling relevant news that is uplifting and progressive for the community. As a child, my parents and grandfather were transparent about the state of the business at that time during my adolescence and teenage years- while the work and prestige were honorable and held weight, it was clear financially the paper’s head was just above the water. My father’s commitment to the Saint Louis Argus pre and post-sale has served as a motivator to build and commit not only to the Argus but also to my community as well. My family has committed to service and liberation for black people for over sixty years, the Argus has served as one of many outlets of ascent.

Progression and promoting the interest of the black community by telling stories through a black lens have been two components that have become essential to my creative process, as I step into my own artistic and professional journey, there is a sense of duty and responsibility to maintain authenticity and be intentional in my methods and mediums of creation as a black artist/creative.

This has been instilled in me by my elders and critiqued by them as well, always posing questions of relevance to my people. My contribution/legacy stretches beyond my role and family duties, it’s more important to be a part of something that’s maintaining the legacy of the community. 

The Argus is an important legacy and vehicle for the voices of the voiceless, and an opportunity to preserve the sanctity of voices that unapologetically represent black experiences. – a legacy / opportunity to honor the black publishers, directors, and creatives that paved the way for me. 

These ideas and fruits of the work have to be grown and created from a lens and love of black culture and people that will unapologetically represent black experiences while simultaneously forging a future that respects and builds upon the path.


On Key

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