Unbound: Working Side by Side with Families in Need Around the World

Unbound is an international nonprofit organization that has been providing personalized support to more than 290,000 children, elders and their families living in extreme poverty in Latin America, Asia and Africa for over 40 years.

Unbound is an international nonprofit organization working side by side with families in need around the world.

Founded in Kansas City 40 years ago, we deliver more than $100 million in personalized support to more than 290,000 children, elders and their families living in extreme poverty in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Rated the highest child sponsorship charity in the United States, more than 92% of Unbound’s expenses go toward program support. Learn more about our work at unbound.org.

Where your money goes

Responsible, transparent financial management is a hallmark of Unbound. We ensure contributions work hard to meet sponsored friends’ needs, resulting in top ratings from independent charity evaluators.

In 2022, 91.4% of Unbound’s expenses went toward program support, with more than $115 million in direct assistance to our programs around the world.

We’re committed to keeping our costs low to send the maximum amount of support where it’s needed most. Our sponsored friends, and our sponsors, deserve that.

The vision of our founders

Guided by their faith and inspired by the principles of Catholic social teaching, Bob, Bud and Jim Hentzen, their sister Nadine Pearce and their friend Jerry Tolle envisioned an innovative, highly personalized sponsorship program. Bob and Jerry were former missionaries who witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of poverty while working in Latin America. They met hard-working families struggling heroically to make better lives for their children.

In 1981, our founders created a program that would invite people to partner with these families to support and encourage them. Their goal was to empower families and connect the world not only with their struggles, but also with their incredible gifts.

Over the years, the sponsorships of nearly 1 million children, students and elders have created brighter futures around the world and transformed the lives of both sponsored friends and sponsors.

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