A Message from Your 13th Ward Alderwoman Pam Boyd

A message from your 13th Ward Alderwoman Pam Boyd about the work of rebuilding their community and how everyone’s voice and opinion matters.

 Important Report from Alderwoman Pam Boyd

Dear Friends & Neighbors:

As we move forward with the work of rebuilding our community, we are excited that our new ward will have larger boundaries. This means that more people will be included in our community, and we will have a greater opportunity to work together towards a better tomorrow.

We encourage all of you to participate and assist us in this process. Your voice and opinions matter and we want to ensure that everyone has a say in the development of our community. I encourage you to volunteer to serve on committees. Your contributions can range from sharing your ideas on what you think the new ward should look like, to volunteering your time to serve on committees, or sharing your views on the construction or maintenance of new buildings, helping to create a disaster plan, helping with the education of our youth (12 and up), or on voter education.

Together, we create a community that we will all be proud to call home. Let us work towards a brighter future and build a community that is inclusive, vibrant and thriving.

Alderwoman Pamela BoydLucky 13th Ward


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