What are your New Year’s resolution, or will you backslide like you have done so many years before?
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Every year, here people go: “A New Year, A New Me,” and when the new year arrives it is always the same behavior or life choices. To me, New Year’s Eve kicks off just another day. It is just a day of reflection, a day to be happy that one year is completed. And it is time for a new beginning, new motivation, and new goals.

Moreover, it is an excuse to blame one year for all of your bad choices, behaviors, and fallacious steps. Because as the clock strikes midnight, your mind goes into a whole new mode of retribution.

As a result, you sitting in a bar with friends, loved ones, or even a stranger, maybe in a drunk suspension. Then you say to yourself, it is now time to clean up my act. Yeah ok, here you go, like you have done for so many other December 31st.

Top New Year’s resolutions

1. Exercise more and improve physical health

2. Eat healthier and improve your diet/nutrition

3. Save more money and budget better

4. Travel and explore new places

5. Learn a new skill or hobby

6. Quit smoking or drinking

7. Spend more time with loved ones

8. Reduce stress and practice self-care

9. Volunteer or give back to the community

10. Set and achieve career goals

11. Read more and expand your knowledge

12. Practice mindfulness and improve mental health

13. Get organized and declutter your living space

14. Spend less time on social media/technology

15. Learn to cook or meal plan

16. Increase savings for retirement

17. Start a side hustle or pursue a passion project

18. Take a class or continue your education

19. Cut out unhealthy habits or toxic relationships

20. Set and stick to a daily routine.

In conclusion, along with black-eyed peas, some cultures believe that grapes, noodles, pork, or pomegranates are lucky New Year’s food.

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