A Virtual Amazon Clinic has been launched to operate in 32 States

To use the service, Amazon clinic customers select the condition they’re interested in speaking about and then choose a preferred provider.

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Weatherbed (November 15, 2022) reports that Amazon has launched an Amazon Clinic. This message-based online healthcare service offers treatments for over 20 “common health conditions” such as allergies, dandruff, hair loss, birth control, erectile dysfunction, and acne. Amazon Clinic will operate in 32 states and provide virtual care 

to make it dramatically more accessible for people to get and stay healthy. They began their journey with Amazon Pharmacy, where customers can conveniently get their medication delivered to their door in just two days for Prime Members. Amazon also agreed to acquire One Medical, a human-centered and technology-powered primary care provider. 

One Medical member benefits from a dedicated relationship with their provider, a friendly and convenient in-office experience, and ongoing engagement via a dedicated app. The Amazon Clinic requires customers to select the condition they need treatment for and choose a preferred provider from an available list of licensed telehealth providers. After completing an intake questionnaire, customers can contact clinicians for a consultation via a secure message-based portal. Feiner (November 15, 2022) reports that a personalized treatment plan will be provided via the portal alongside any necessary prescriptions, which can be filled at any pharmacy of the customer’s choosing, including Amazon Pharmacy. 

Amazon clinic customers may be able to use their insurance for medications prescribed through their clinic. In addition, birth control is available through the service alongside treatment for common conditions such as erectile dysfunction, UTIs, sinusitis, and yeast infections. Ayogu (November 15, 2022) reports that the clinic provides additional treatments for pre-diagnosed conditions such as eczema and genital herpes. The virtual clinic will operate alongside the retail giant’s Amazon Pharmacy service and primary care tech provider, One Medical, which Amazon is acquiring for approximately $3.9 billion. 

Amazon Clinic will initially operate in 32 states across the US, with plans to expand in the coming months. Ayogu (November 15, 2022) Amazon Clinic’s expanding healthcare offerings follow its deal to buy One Medical by opening a new virtual care option to help with common conditions like allergies, acne and hair loss. In addition, customers can use insurance to help pay for medications prescribed by a licensed clinician through the platform. The company said those prescriptions may be filled by any pharmacy but added that Amazon Pharmacy would also be an option.

To use the service, Amazon clinic customers select the condition they’re interested in speaking about and then choose a preferred provider. After completing a questionnaire, they’ll connect with a clinician in a secure messaging portal to respond at the customer’s convenience. Amazon said if a condition isn’t suitable to be treated through the service, it will let customers know before connecting with a provider.


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