Argus H.E.A.L.: Flourish St. Louis is Aiming to Reduce Infant Mortality

FLOURISH St. Louis is committed to ensuring that every baby in the city has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.


St. Louis is in crisis as many babies are dying before their first birthday. Shockingly, some St. Louis neighborhoods have rates three times the national average, with black babies three times more likely to die – and the gap is only widening. This heartbreaking reality has led to the creation of FLOURISH St. Louis, an initiative powered by Generate Health, which aims to reduce infant mortality in the city.

FLOURISH St. Louis recognizes that solving the issue of infant mortality requires the cooperation of all members of the community, and they are working to bring together people and organizations from all parts of the region to address the systems that impact the health of black families. Their goal is to achieve zero racial disparities in infant mortality.

One of the ways in which FLOURISH St. Louis is working towards this goal is by launching action teams made up of volunteers from across the community. Together, these teams are identifying solutions to address the top factors that impact infant mortality. These factors include things like access to healthcare, nutrition, and social determinants of health, such as housing and education.

FLOURISH St. Louis recognizes that addressing these complex issues requires a multifaceted approach. They are working with healthcare providers, community organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to implement evidence-based strategies and interventions that will improve the health outcomes of mothers and babies.

One of the key strategies being employed by FLOURISH St. Louis is the use of data to identify patterns and trends in infant mortality rates. By analyzing this data, they can better understand the root causes of infant mortality and target their interventions more effectively.

And by working together, they believe that we all can reduce infant mortality rates and achieve zero racial disparities in infant mortality by 2033.


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