Consumers are Becoming More Selective with Products & Making the Switch to Natural Ingredients

Todays’ Consumer’s are becoming more selective with the products that they choose to put in their bodies or on their hair and skin. Learn more about why natural ingredients are becoming popular and the benefits of essential oils.

Todays’ Consumer’s are becoming more selective with the products that they choose to put in their bodies or on their hair and skin.

A huge driver for this change is the large percentage of individuals that suffer from cancer and other diseases that are a result of the toxic ingredients placed in our foods and haircare and skincare products.

Vegans, Vegetarians or Pescatarians are more than just a trend these days but slowly becoming a new way of life for many people. The same goes for customers moving away from larger personal care brands to Independent brands that offer products made of natural and organic ingredients. Individuals are smart to rethink their product choices especially with the number of class action lawsuits against these major brands. Johnson & Johnson has been in court settling with plaintiffs who claim the brands baby powder has given them cancer.

In November 2022, a group of women who used Dark & Lovely Hair Relaxer filed a class action lawsuit against L’Oreal and Soft Sheen-Carson, claiming they never would have used Dark & Lovely if they knew it contained chemicals that might increase their risk of uterine cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, or breast cancer.

Consumers are educating themselves on the benefits of natural ingredients such as pure essential oils. For more than a few years now, the popularity and use of essential oils to help with various ailments has been a huge trend. Without a doubt, essential oils’ benefits are astounding.

Common oils used in skin and hair care are Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemon. Let’s break it down and see what each one does. Who knew that Lavender essential oil has purposes beyond its great calming effect! Sure enough, it has been proven to promote healthy hair growth, helps healing of hair cuticles, and is known to be antimicrobial. When it comes to skin care, Lavender oil can’t be beat.

It’s also known to help with inflammation and even fights acne. Peppermint oil is another amazing oil that can truly wake you up! Peppermint also has the ability to help eliminate dandruff and dry, itchy scalp.

While Rosemary and Lemon are lesser known essential oils, they also contain amazing attributes all to themselves. Rosemary is known for helping prevent damage to the skin such as from the sun. While it
should never be worn in exchange for sunscreen, it can help. It’s also known as a great moisturizer and could possibly even help to reduce grey hair! Lemon on the other hand has an amazing antiseptic quality but is best known for its pH balancing ability.

There’s no doubt in our minds that essential oils need to be in all our hair care and skin care
products. Trying to determine which ones to use and in what quantity is the tricky part. We
recommend you leave it up to the professionals.

The team at Ryze Manufacturing has worked tirelessly to bring a line of products to you that are safe and helpful to your skin care and hair care routine. Ryze is an e-commerce platform that streamlines the Product Development process by offering customizable haircare and skincare formulas made with natural ingredients at affordable prices, low minimums, and fast turnaround times.

These custom products are the best to meet your specific needs. Let them help design an amazing, custom product for you!

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Sojohna Bell, Ryze Manufacturing

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