NFL Pick ’ems, for an Exciting week 3 showdown

Here are your picks, and maybe a little bit of advice on your wagers for week 3 in the NFL.

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NFL picks week 3:

Giants vs 49ers (SF favored by -10) – 10 is a big number, but the Giants minus Saquon Barkely might be that bad, and the 49ers might be the best team in the NFL.  Bet the 49ers to win, 10 points is too high for me to suggest taking the points.  Winner – 49ers (Thursday Night Football)

 Colts vs Ravens – (Ravens favored by 8) – Anthony Richardson the Colts QB maybe out with a concussion, and the Colts don’t have their running back Jonathan Taylor.  Ravens will win easily at home. (Winner – Ravens)

Bills vs Commanders –(Bills -6.5) – If Good Josh Allen shows up, Bills wins comfortably, if the Bills turn the ball over could be trouble.  (Winner – Bills)

Titans vs Browns – (Cleveland 3.5) – Deshaun Watson was terrible against Pittsburgh, and the Browns running took a huge hit with their best player going down with a knee injury. (Upset pick Titans, Winner)

Broncos vs Dolphins ( Miami -6.5) Fins up!  I expect the Dolphins to go wild offensively.  (Winner – Miami)

Patriots vs Jets – (Pats -2.5) Bill Belichick pretty much owns the Jets, but this is a division rivalry, the Jets will confound Mack Jones, but Zach Wilson is still awful.  This could go either way, the team who wins the turnover battle wins the game. With Wilson under center, I’ll give the Pats a small edge (Winner- Patriots by a hair)

Falcons vs Lions – (Detroit 3.5) Lions slipped to the Seahawks last week.  I think the fighting Dan Campbells get back to business this week, and beat a feisty Falcons.  (Winnter – Detroit)

Saints vs Packers – (Green Bay -2.5) Being home usually gives teams about a field goal advantage, and will do just that in Jordan Loves’s debut as the full time starter.  (Winner – Green Bay)

Texans vs Jaguars – (Jaguars -10) Don’t think the Jags are good enough to be a 10 point favorite over anyone but the Texans aren’t quite that good yet.  So I’ll take the Jags, I’d stay away from betting the spread.  (Winner – Jaguars)

Chargers vs Vikings – (Even odds) As long as Brandon Staley is the Coach of the Chargers, they’ll find a way to lose. (Winner – Vikings)

Cowboys vs Cardinals (Cowboys -12) – The Cardinals are feisty and might get after Dak a little but, the Cowboys defense will eat up Josh Dobbs.  12 is a huge number but the Cowboys just might cover it. (Winner – Cowboys)

Bears vs Chiefs – (Chiefs -12.5)  The Bears are bad.  But the Chiefs don’t have any receivers, I’ll take the Chiefs, I wouldn’t take the points.  (Winner – Mahomes and them)

Sunday night football

Steelers vs Raiders – (Raiders -2.5) Two great franchises with amazing history, but two mediocre teams right now. I’ll take Jimmy G at home. (winner – Ghost of Al Davis and the Raiders, Just win baby) 

Monday night double header

Game 1

Eagles vs Bucs – (Phi -5.0) – The Bucs 2-0 magic carpet right ends Monday night.  I’d take the Eagles and 6 points. (Winner Eagles)

Game 2 

Rams vs Bengals (Cin -2.0) – Joe Burrow is banged up, the Rams aren’t all the way back to Super Bowl form but they are good enough to beat the hobbling Bengals. Rams for the slight upset. (Winner – Rams)


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