A captivating night of Triumph over Pain, as stage play ‘Respeck My Shoes’ took off, in front of a Full House

On Saturday, November 11th, St. Louis was the place to be for a remarkable event, at the Real World Banquet Hall.

Image by Lacey G Soldier Turner

The Argus is saying: Left me with a full sense of appreciation, empowerment and ebulliently self worth.So much so, that each character of females, enlightened and awakened my soul, and I now have deep empathy for the plights and despair, that every woman will endure some parts of their lifetime.Editor.

Rightfully noted, as the audience witnessed the electrifying production of “Respeck My Shoes,” a stage play, that resonated deeply within the hearts and soul of all the people who sat in the venue.

Written and produced by the talented Phoenix Bell, of Phoenix Rise Production, with co-writing credits going to Joel PE King, this theatrical masterpiece brought to life a compelling narrative through an all-female cast. Moreover, the cast, led by Brydgyt Alli and ReMix Awards winner Nicole M. Smith, delivered a stellar performance that left the audience with a profound sense of appreciation, empowerment, and self-worth.

In addition, Shelley Miller, Thomasina TheSpontanubian Clarke, Alex Jay, Lawanda Young, Lindsay Hamilton, and the acclaimed poet Kristy “Poet Lightning” Cotton rounded out the ensemble, each contributing to the play’s powerful message.  

From the moment the play started, the audience was taken on a thrilling and liberating journey, as the play explored the trials and triumphs faced by women in the face of adversity. Furthermore, the all-female cast skillfully portrayed characters dealing with issues such as body shaming, sexism, low self-esteem and much more.

While the authenticity of their performances allowed the audience to connect on a deep and emotional level, displaying empathy for the universal struggles that women endure at various points in their lives.  “Respeck My Shoes” was more than just a play; it was a demand for respect and understanding.

The stories woven together on stage showcased the strength and resilience of women, transforming tragedy into triumph. The play boldly confronted societal expectations and norms, urging everyone to respect the unique journey of every woman, regardless of its nature.  

Suddenly, the Real World Banquet Hall a.k.a., Real World Center in Saint Louis, became a haven for shared experiences as the audience hung on every word, and even participated in a TV show segment within the play. This interactive element further emphasized the play’s message, creating a powerful connection between the performers and the audience. 

In conclusion, “Respeck My Shoes” not only entertained but also enlightened and inspired. Because, Phoenix Bell and the entire cast delivered a performance that transcended the stage, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to witness this remarkable production. As a result, it was a celebration of womanhood, a call for respect, and a testament to the enduring strength found within the diverse journeys of women.


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