An exclusive video interview with recording artist ‘Head’ as he continues to memorialize his late-brother

After his 13-Year-old Brother was tragically Murdered, St. Louis top charting artist “Head” vowed to keep his brother’s Legacy alive Through Music.

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“I didn’t know I wanted to be a rapper. This is what my little brother wanted to do. This was his dream and he is living through me.”


That’s the reply that St. Louis’s own most heartfelt hip hop artist “Head” gave when asked what made him want to become a rapper. On September 12, 2019. His 13-year-old brother Clifford Swan III better known as NuNu lost his life to senseless gun violence after being struck in the head by a bullet that wasn’t intended for him while walking with some friends.  


Head vowed to carry on his brother’s legacy no matter what. Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri,  I asked Head, people might say here is another rapper with guns in his videos, what separates you from other artists? “What separates me is that these other artists are capping in their raps and lying about who they are. They are trying to be the next person. I’m versatile. You are going to see my pain, You are going to get all of me. That’s what makes me different.”

Head also co-wrote the biggest song to come out of St. Louis in the past couple of years with his cousin 5ive titled “Me and My brother” which was a tribute to his cousin Walter. “We didn’t think Me and My Brother would get as big as it did. I believe it blew up the way it did cause we wrote it from the heart.”After Head’s 13-year-old brother passed, he found himself right back in the studio writing a tribute song for NuNu titled “Not Alone.”

The song hit a million views in the first week. Even though Head is a hot commodity and numerous record companies are knocking on his door to try and sign the melodic flow lyricist, Head says “I have talked to a lot of these labels but I want ownership of my music, not just an advance. So for now I will stay independent and do it by myself no matter how long it takes unless the right deal comes into play.”

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