Black To The Future: Defining Moments Black Men Series

Defining Moments Black Men Series: 28 days 34 men, 34 transformative stories of resilience, perseverance and wisdom!

The Defining Moments Black Man Series on @AuthenticJoShow premiered a new episode every day in February 2023. 28 days 34 men, 34 transformative stories of resilience, perseverance and wisdom! Celebrating Black History, Culture, Success and Contribution hear directly from these Men as fathers, husbands, business owners, creatives, educators and much, much more.

Jo Lena Johnson, the Absolute Good Resilience Coach, is a certified mediator and conflict management specialist in addition to her work as an author, publisher and ghostwriter. 

Her hope is to help people deal with difficult situations and conversations, and inspire people in life, through being resilient.

There are many problems needing to be resolved. Let’s work together to get to the heart of some of them.  


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