Diaper dilemma: Local non-profit group could lose its Missouri state tax credit

The charity “Happy Bottoms” is facing a diaper dilemma.

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By Andy Alcock/KMBC News


The non-profit, which currently serves about 5000 children a month, could potentially lose its Missouri state tax credit.

That credit allows major donors to recoup half the money they give to Happy Bottoms in tax relief.

“We would lose maybe three of our major donors if we did not have those tax credits in 2025 and beyond,” said Susan Belger Angulo, Happy Bottoms Co-executive Director.

The tax credits are set to expire at the end of next June.

Charity leaders are working to pre-file a bill next month to have lawmakers renew those credits.

“And we hope that the legislators believe that it’s a worthy tax credit to continue to give us,” Belger Angulo said.

On Monday, Brian Cleary led a team of 15 volunteers at Happy Bottoms warehouse in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood.

Cleary hosted a birthday party for his wife Chelsy at their ranch in Fredonia, Kansas.

At that event, Cleary was able to collect $80,000 in donations for Happy Bottoms.

“And it just kind of pulled everybody’s heartstrings. And everybody just pitched in. And it just blew my mind how much we collected,” he said.

Belger Angulo says families are facing inflation and the loss of COVID funding.

As a result, Happy Bottoms is handing out 360,000 diapers a month.

The demand has meant the number of diapers passed out so far in 2023 has already surpassed all of 2022.

Belger Angulo says diaper donations can make a big difference for families.

“If they can get relief from us, they’re able to put the money that they would have spent on diapers to something else that they need, like food, maybe they need to pay their rent, maybe they need to do a car payment. That’s why we’re here,” she said.

Happy Bottoms currently provides 50 diapers a month per child.

The charity wants to increase that number to 75 with their new “75 to Thrive” initiative scheduled to begin early next year.

It means the need will continue to grow.

“It is the community that helps us, whether they do a diaper drive, whether they become a monthly donor, or they give a one-time donation, all of that matters,” Belger Angulo said.

The charity will host several Missouri state lawmakers on Wednesday hoping to convince them to renew the tax credits.

Additionally, Happy Bottoms leaders are lobbying to get the sales tax on diapers either reduced or eliminated.


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