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Family Resources and Community Connections is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and Public Charity Organization serving St. Louis City and County. We are in the midst of our End of the Year Fundraising and are seeking support from you, your company or

On behalf of Family Resources, and Community Connections Incorporated, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit and Public Charity Organization serving St. Louis City and County, I am inviting you to support our Mission which is to: Empower and positively impact children, families and underserved communities by addressing social needs and issues through education, prevention and awareness. We are in the midst of our End of the Year Fundraising. As we continue to make a positive impact on our children, families, and the under-served through the following programs, we are wholeheartedly seeking support from you, your company or organization. FRCC Incorporated served and partnered with over 300 families and organizations on the following; since January of 2023, and our goal is to continue impacting families in these area for 2024:

·      Artistic Expressions – Intergeneration Arts

·       Reading, Educational Equity (Comprehensive, Fluency, Fun and Enrichment)

·       Pen or Pencil Group Mentoring (Academics, Excellent behavior, History, Culture)

·       Financial Literacy, Education (Self-Sufficiency, Economic Development)

·       Family Advocacy and Issues (Finding Solutions, and Changes to various issues)

·       Health and Wellness (Developing Healthy Lifestyles, and Habits)

·       Latest, beginning November 2023, Parenting Education (Positive Parenting, Creating Amazing Relationships and Engaging with Children, Prevention)

We receive calls weekly to help with rent, utilities, and during the winter and holidays, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, toys and food. In order to continue making a positive impact, we rely on generous support from individuals, organizations, and companies for help, donations and sponsorships like you. FRCC Incorporated is committed to prevention, educating, empowering and helping those in need as well as making a difference within the community. I am sure one of the projects above will attract your passion in some way.

We realize that certain amounts would help with various programming, and sponsorships would be amazing; however, any donation of your choice is greatly appreciated. Not only will your donation help with the programing above, but they will also assist with rent, hotel vouchers, senior medicines, utilities, food; sponsorships, culture related books, gifts, food gas cards and give-a-ways are appreciated as well Donations can be made via check (address above), PayPal,, or Cash App Process, $Needs2011. Other donated items can be retrieved in-person.

On behalf of FRCC Incorporated and the Board of Directors, thank you in advance, as we need and humbly request your support. Should you need additional information, or have questions, please contact Linda Joyce Mackey at (314) 397-7325. Also feel free to visit our website

Yours in Social Services, and the Well-Being of Children, Families, and Communities,

Linda Joyce Mackey                                                                                                                                                                                                  Volunteer Executive Director

Family Resources and Community Connections Incorporated


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