Fentanyl Linked to Rise in Overdose Cases in District 6

Learn more about the increasing number of drug overdoses in District Six and how the Dunnica Sobering Support Center can help.

As you may be aware, District Six has faced an excessive share of challenges linked not only to addiction, and the repercussions of drugs containing fentanyl. To enhance awareness and motivate individuals to seek help, we would like to provide some data on overdose incidents occurring in District Six. Here’s the demographic breakdown for 2023 as compared to this time in 2022, in District 6:

2023 YTD (through July):

Male: 39

Female: 11

2022 YTD (through July):

Male: 33

Female: 10

These numbers are subject to change as some Labatory analysis are pending.  If you are acquainted with anyone struggling with addiction, it is essential to be empathetic and consistently promote seeking treatment. The Dunnica Sobering Support Center has been an invaluable partner in addressing these urgent matters. Contact them at 314-502-0444 for more information.


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