Gun Violence: What can Rap Artists of today do to protect themselves?

Who’s Next?

Maxim Hopman:

In the 90’s we lost two great pioneers of Hip Hop. Both Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls) were both shot to death in brutal fashion. During that time, it seemed like rappers losing their lives were few and far between, Fast forward to today, Rappers are dying by senseless violence at an alarming rate to the point that people in the black community have become desensitized while learning of these deaths.

During a time in the culture where we should see artists celebrating their accomplishments and opening doors for others, instead, families are left broken with grief while planning funerals for their lost loved ones. It makes us ponder the question. Who’s Next?

I asked some of the Hip Hop artists that I know from St. Louis.  What can Rap artists do to protect themselves against Violence?

Special Thanks to

YC Bey

Rip James



Nimmy Russell

Nimmy Russell/Facebook

Video of local St. Louis’ talents speaking out:


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