Hair and beauty: What is the one thing that GOD entrusted you with, that you have not taken care of?

I would start out with my hair silky-smooth and full of body, and by the end of the day my hair would shrink up.

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The one thing that God entrusted me with that I did not take care of, was my hair. As a young girl I was always self-conscious about my hair. So, I’m a Generation X baby.

And growing up in my era, I believed that you had to be light-skin complexion with long hair, for those who know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I am not light skin, and I did not have long hair.

In fact, my hair was quite the opposite – it was fine, spongy, and short. To the almost determent of my hair, my mother started perming my hair around the age of eight years old.

As I got older, I would perm my edges and the nape of my hair quite frequently. Growing up, I had the wrong perspective about my hair.

In the early 2000’s one of my younger sister’s introduced me to a hairstylist named Carlos, he has forever changed my life’s perspective about my hair. On the day of my first consultation with Carlos, he told me that if I continued to perm my hair, I would eventually not have much hair left.

From that day forward I discontinued perming my hair and my natural journey began.

The MAJOR problem with wearing my hair straightened was the humidity in the Midwest. I would start out with my hair silky-smooth and full of body, and by the end of the day my hair would shrink up.

Then, I started wearing hair weave, this was a HUGE mistake for me, because my hair continued to get thinner as a result, of the hair glue and sew-ins.

On to my next adventure. I prayed and “I asked God what should I do with my hair”? Early, one Saturday morning, as I was getting out of the shower the word “Locs” was crystal clear ( I usually get answers from God, while I am in the bathroom).

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I asked one of my colleagues at the time the name of her Loctician. On the same day, I called Wendy, and I made an appointment. She was able to get me in on March 17, 2015, this has been the best decision for my hair. So, I am GRATEFUL that God entrusted me with a beautiful head of hair, that I am taking care of, and that I am no longer self-conscious about my hair.



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