Meet AMA Life Initiative

Ama Life Initiatives is a tax exempt nonprofit formed to bridge community gaps in social education, health and wellness, socio-cultural connections, and tailored empowerment projects for women and youth.

Our Aim

AMA Life Initiative aims to empower women and young people through inspiring stories to become the best version of themselves while promoting socio-cultural awareness and connections.

Our aim is to use cultural connection-related approaches and programs to increase connections among diverse community groups while serving the greater community, both internally and externally. Our goal is to embrace our relevant cultural diversity while maintaining community support and connections. We welcome Black Descents, all People Of Color, Americans of African descent and friends of Africa!

Initial Volunteer Briefing

Volunteering provides a route to showcases our humanity to the world, one community at a time. We hold volunteer meetings to push forward local community goals as needed.

Inspire Me Stories

Inspire Me Stories Program is designed to inspire kids to Dream Big! We aim to achieve this through story telling. Through Inspiration Me Stories, we share both adult and child stories of people who have achieved a prominent place in society through their endeavors, work and contributions to their community and society, a LEGACY for future generations. . “It takes a village to raise a child.” ―African Proverb

Girl’s Inspiring Corner

Share time with other girls on their path to discovering their greatness. Learn something new to add to your list of new knowledge. Come, meet and greet others in an inspiring space that encourages goals and growth towards the better version of you! Here we empower young Girls to Dream Big!

African Roots Vibes

The African Roots Vibes program aims to strengthen healthy cultural heritages among the young. It is about visiting your African roots (parents/grandparents’ village) and engaging in activities to create positive vibes that will reverberate.

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